The Gorilla Organization and Gorilla Spirits: Protecting Gorillas Together

Proud to be an ethical business

We wanted Gorilla Spirits Co. to be an ethical business from the word go and our business plan had always included a £1 per bottle cost which would be donated to a worthy cause.

As we researched gorilla conservation we were shocked to find that only 880 Mountain Gorillas exist in the world today and so this became the focus of our attention.  We found The Gorilla Oranization, a small UK based charity whose work is dedicated to protecting these gorillas, and we agreed to support them.  Our relationship with this wonderful charity is growing all the time and we have set ourselves the target of becoming their single largest private sponsor.

With your help our donations are growing month by month and we are confident of realising our ambition within 2 to 3 years and by donating a set amount per bottle our donations are entirely transparent.

The Gorilla Organization works at the very forefront of gorilla conservation with innovative and award-winning projects in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Its field staff in Africa, supported by fundraising and communications teams in London, oversee a range of grassroots conservation projects, all of them aimed at addressing the key threats facing gorillas today.

From the beginning, the Gorilla Organization has recognised the importance of tackling the root cases of threats such as habitat loss and poaching. That’s why, as well as supporting rangers in their vital work protecting gorillas from poachers’ snares, projects include organic farming and gorilla-friendly beekeeping, both initiatives that give people the opportunity to earn a sustainable income without having to rely on the natural resources found in the forest.

Save gorillas from extinction. Make a donation today.

Gorillas are on the edge of extinction.

Habitat encroachment, man and disease are their main threats. All sub-species of gorillas have fallen to dramatically low levels. The Gorilla Orgnization is working to reverse this trend through a programme of community based conservation, anti-poaching patrols and conservation education.

By donating to The Gorilla Organization, you will be helping to save this magnificent species from extinction. Take a look below to see how far a donation can really go to supporting The Gorilla Organization’s work.

To make a donation, click one of the pictures or follow the link below to access The Gorilla Organization’s website.