Let me tell you about my gin!

Let me tell you about my gin!

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Silverback Gin – Botanical Alchemy

Gorilla Spirits Company | Silverback Gin | British Artisan Gin

Juniper cones and leaves (credit: MPF)

It’s our unique blend of botanicals that makes Silverback Gin such a very modern spirit.

Juniper, coriander, angelica and sweet orange are married with calamus root for warmth and spice, acacia blossom for sweet honey notes and lemongrass for a clean, citrus finish.

The botanicals add the distinctive flavour to gin, and each gin is made with a different blend of these natural ingredients. If you’re interested in how gin is made, take a look at Difford’s Guide.


A Gorilla Rembrandt or Gorilla Banksy?

We use 100% British wheat for our spirit.

That’s not just because we’re proud to be British, but because it provides the cleanest backdrop for our carefully-selected botanicals. It’s like painting a picture, traditional or contemporary, on the very best canvas available.

A masterpiece.


Meet ‘Mugs’

Gorilla Spirits Company | Silverback Gin | British Artisan GinOur bespoke-built still, Mugwaneza, is located at the highest point in Hampshire.

Whilst it might not be quite as high as the habitat of the Mountain Gorilla, it’s possible that we may be the highest distillery in England!

Mugs, as she is affectionately known, is totally unique. Like our gin, Mugs is a marriage of old and new, combining traditional and modern materials with historic processes and state-of-the-art technologies.


For further information, take a look at Silverback Gin. To find out where you can buy a bottle (or two!), visit our Where to Buy page.

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