First Batch – Now Fully Reserved!

First Batch – Now Fully Reserved!

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A real milestone – our first batch of Silverback Gin is now fully reserved (note to self, get on a make it then)!

Thank you so much to everyone who has reserved a bottle (or more!); we’re continuing to work hard to overcome the last few challenges before we start production. It might be worth noting that I heard on the grapevine a while back that when Bombay Sapphire moved its production from Warrington to Laverstoke in Hampshire it took them more than a year to start production there! All in all then, I don’t think we’ve been doing too badly as it’s been less than a year since we started with an empty, and rather decrepit, building to work from. I’m confident now that everyone will have their bottle before Christmas.

If you’ve not managed to get a first batch bottle don’t worry we will be following up with a second batch as soon as the first is out of the way!

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